Cancer patient seeks treatment in Mexico

Beverly Nelson Washington

Beverly Nelson Washington

Item Intern

Beverly Nelson Washington, 45, is a longtime Sumter resident who has been battling breast cancer since 2003.
After her initial diagnosis, Washington sought treatment through chemotherapy and radiation, which was
successful in sending the cancer into remission but took a heavy toll on her body.
“It was the worst thing I’ve ever put my body through,” she said. “I would rather enjoy a higher quality of life
without the treatment than endure that again.”

In January, Washington received news that her cancer had returned and had metastasized to her bones.
She was diagnosed with Stage Four and encouraged to resume treatment. After doing extensive research,
Washington has decided to seek alternative treatment at the Oasis of Hope Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico.
The Oasis of Hope is a religious based hospital that has been treating cancer since 1963 with a high success

The doctors there blend conventional treatment with alternative methods, such as Laetrile and enzyme therapy.
Washington believes that this type of treatment will have a more positive effect on her body than past treatments
have had.

“When I was having radiation treatment, the doctors told me that there was a chance radiation itself could cause
cancer,” she said. “Oasis of Hope focuses on preventing and reversing cancer through natural treatment, using
vitamins, minerals, and herbs that your body needs rather than chemicals that could potentially make things worse.”
Washington said she found out about alternative treatment at a health seminar held at Jehovah Missionary Baptist
Church in July 2007.

“My brother is very interested in holistic medicines and hosted the seminar to gain more information about natural
and spiritual treatments,” Washington said.

Dr. Scott Whitaker of California was present and explained that chemo and radiation are not the only options when
it comes to fighting cancer. At the Oasis of Hope, Washington would receive physical, emotional and spiritual
treatment in the form of Integrative Regulatory Therapy (IRT). This combines several therapies – Oxidative Pre-
Conditioning, Immune Stimulation and Cytotoxic Therapy.

“After hearing patients’ testimonies and learning about the process the Oasis uses, this method makes a lot more
sense than conventional treatment,” she said. “How can you be completely healed by treatments that kill both
good and bad cells?”

Washington now faces the obstacle of financing her treatment at the Oasis of Hope. Her health insurance
plan does not cover alternative treatments. She has opened an account at Safe Federal Credit Union in the
name of “Beverly N. Washington Cancer Fund” and is asking for donations in any amount.
“I am a true believer in God, and I’m reaching out to everyone for prayers and support,” she said.
“Faith is very important in a time like this.”

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